Xtra factor presenter dating one direction

Particular anger is directed at Lewis, as she does not have a new album out."The X Factor final should feature the biggest acts in the world," said one senior industry insider."Leona Lewis » - Dan Sabbagh Caroline Flack will reportedly be introduced to Harry Styles's family over Christmas.A significant percentage of the former audience also defected, giving unexpected ratings victories to the rival pre-Christmas wannabe franchise: the BBC's Strictly Come Dancing.But on Sunday night at 9.22pm, there was an advance.It's all about the music, the tour (more) » - By Daniel Sperling This year, The X Factor has given the impression that it may not now be far away from becoming an ex-show The eighth series of The X Factor has been notable for retreats.

And, after some persuasion she (more) » - By Colin Daniels Music is a serious issue for Suzanne Moore.Digital Spy reviews Little Mix debut single ' Cannonball' "There are no boys for us.We're going to be like nuns," she told The Sun.The Xtra Factor presenter is rumoured to be dating the One Direction member, who was recently spotted leaving her home after spending the night there.Styles's mum Anne Cox is apparently concerned about the new relationship and wants to meet Flack to give her approval, according to The Mirror.

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