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On 5 March 1945 he received the Military Cross, presented personally by Field Marshal Montgomery, for his bravery during the battle for the hamlet of Doornhoek, near St. Under heavy German machine-gun, mortar and shell fire, and in a minefield, Bellamy got his burning tank and crew to safety before overrunning enemy positions to allow infantrymen to push through.

Only three days after receiving the MC, Bellamy learnt that his mother, who lived in west London but was assisting the war effort by helping to get supplies to the troops from Smithfield meat market on Charterhouse Street, had been among 100 people killed by one of the last Nazi V-2 rockets to land in the capital.

The cast also includes Rick Fox, Tim Meadows, Tony T.

Roberts, Alex Thomas, Jeff Garcia, Marcus Paulk, Giovonnie Samuels, Tequan Richmond, Giselle Bonilla, Davi Santos, Nick Nervies, Erin Westbrook and Clifton Davis.

Until his death, he believed that his faith had given him the fortitude to save not only his life during combat, but, more importantly to him, the lives of those he commanded.

Called up on his 18th birthday, he was forced to forego his desire to go to university and signed up for the army just before Christmas 1941.

After training as an officer cadet at Sandhurst from 1942-43, he joined the 8th Royal Irish Hussars in the hope of fighting close to his father, who was involved in the North Africa campaign.He was for several years chairman of the Rugby-based Mayday Trust, which provides housing and support for vulnerable adults.He was also a hands-on supporter of the Cynthia Spencer Hospice in Northampton, named after the current Earl of Spencer's grandmother, and raised £30,000 for the hospice by trekking across Cuba in 2005, when he was 81 years old.But within days of landing, after several of his regiment's officers had been killed, he was put in command of a troop of Cromwell tanks.Bellamy pushed them forward, amid regular close combat with German forces, through Belgium, Holland and Germany, and eventually into the heart of Berlin.

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