Shira oka dating sim

The game is charming where it counts and flawed in forgivable ways.

Flaws are flaws, though, and “charming” is as close to emotionally affecting as it gets. Essentially, dating sims are meant to be immersive.

etc.), opening different options based on character stats.

They call it for a reason, by the way: you’ll have to New Game once or twice to get a good end. The early in-game months are unpredictable and you’re more likely to get caught up in the story than to stop and ponder which part of the common route you’re in.

If you have corrections or additions though, feel free to submit them. If you are, no matter what exam it is, your character will fail everything (all Fs). You do get a boost in relations if join regardless.The key here is that what I call the of the game–the inner mechanics that move the story along–remains invisible for a very long time.I imagine this is the goal of most dating sim devs.You have been warned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ============================================================================== ------------------- | Table of Contents | ------------------- I. Hiroshi will have an event activity (doable only on weekdays) that must be completed first. ===================== | Endless Eight Cycle | ===================== Satsuko will send you back in time throughout the game for a number of reasons. Here is a list of the major reasons why your character will have to repeat high school once again: * The first cycle will always have the character die trying to save Yui. If, near the end of the cycle you have no friends whose ending you haven't seen, Satsuko will send you back in time. If your character is physically tied, their Sports score will drop a letter grade. * Literacy * Science/Math * Music/Art * Stength training - Swimming or Towel Manager Each term one of the swimming club members will ask you to join.

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