Proverbs 31 woman dating

To fulfill that purpose, first seek to become a woman of conviction, strong in character, who is striving to attain moral excellence.In other words, know and do what is right, even when no one is looking.I would be much less likely to find a godly woman in a bar or night club, than I would in a sound Bible church or parachurch ministry.

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Indeed, without His revelation we cannot even understand our purpose for existing.Take note of the friends and associates of any "person of interest." Those who are wise seek out wise friends. One of the critical character indicators is one's selfless service to others in the name of Christ.Those who are foolish tend to associate with people like them. Many marriages have begun with serving side-by-side in some form of ministry.If your friends are godly, then they would likely seek out other godly friends.Many Christians have met their mate through their Christian friends. Their friendship can help keep you from loneliness and from desperation.

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