Melyssa ford dating

But back then she was earning ,000 per day on 2 day video shoots so the money was much better.

Melyssa’s first video was in 1997 for Glenn Lewis called “The Thing To Do”.

During the span of her vixen career she’s done 20 music videos.

Over a 5 year span of time that’s not a lot compared to modern vixens like who’s done over 30 in 1 year.

At some point she grew tired of being a sex kitten and chose to invest the savings she had in building a real estate career.

On an interview with the Breakfast Club she claims she felt like her image had been “beat up by the entertainment industry”.

The two met while she was interviewing him at Sirius XM. The two had nothing in common and she says the relationship was “limited.” In 2011 they rekindles their relationship while he was dating model Eva Pigford from America’s Next Top Model.

Ford crossed over from television and videos to maker her film debut in Turn It Up.

The film was released in 2000 and stared Ja Rule, Jason Statham and Faith Evans.

Ford cites that she didn’t want to be coerced into unrealistic drama and become known for her love life.

Blood, Sweat and Heels seems to be more fitting on Bravo Network which seems to portray her in a more real and life with emphasis on her developing real estate career.

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