Life sexy came

Richard Fairbrass, Right Said Fred: Every party was dodgy. We had this song going around which was a bass line and we were trying to write a melody.

Fred Fairbrass: So when we got back to London, we started writing slightly different stuff. "I'm Too Sexy" was the first song we'd wrote with this guy we'd met, a guitarist named Rob Manzoli. We don't want to use anything that we've written before. No old ideas, nothing." Fred Fairbrass: And musicians. But the bass line was actually the "I'm Too Sexy" melody. We had had a few drinks and stuff and Richard jumped up and was walking around Brian's flat, and then came back into the studio with his shirt off.

There was a studio we found that was actually gone into receivership, so it was closed.

But if you gave the janitor guy some money, he'd open it up at night, on the understanding you didn't put any lights on and you didn't put on the heating. Fred Fairbrass: We had to work from the lights that came off the equipment and the little spotlights in the studio.

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Aronowitz: It was a learning curve, definitely, for all of us. He was putting them in all these crazy, outrageous bubble-wrap costumes. Fred Fairbrass: As I said, we'd just come back from New York. I think people use that expression even if they've never heard the song.

We didn't sign a deal, it was just a handshake, really. The minute it got onto radio, it just started getting massive numbers.

It broke everywhere on import, even before it was licensed [to Charisma Records].

Others thought it might have been another Milli Vanilli, after that debacle.

When it came out, music was kind of tripping on itself, and the times were kind of in a tailspin. People were calling for it because it had a great beat, and then the 12-inch mixes started coming out. We weren't promoting the song; we were trying to catch up with it. "Sexy" was not really making fun of those people, but making fun of people who thought they were those people.

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