Internet dating con men

Scammers will often string you along for weeks before asking for money.They are known to send flowers and candy to sweeten you up.If you haven’t already done so, report your situation to the dating site, as well as to the following three agencies, as soon as possible: IC3the Federal Internet Crime Complaint Center the National Consumer’s Fraud Center The U. Postal Inspection Service because you used the postal system.Do you suspect that your online suitor is a swindler? Is the person who is pursuing you the man in his photo?Coming off of a stale, long-suffering relationship with a nasty breakup, I was vulnerable to his attentions. He needed money to keep his company together to pay salaries and back taxes.We had an online relationship for four months messaging many times a day. Then he needed money for his daughter’s college tuition and his mother’s hospital bills. He said he was forced to move his business overseas because he was divorced and his ex-wife was draining him and that money owed him was being temporarily held up.

He could also be online dating over fifty other woman at the same time using the same lines. Here is an update of warning signs to look for based on a column by Sheryl Harris in The Plain Dealer in Cleveland: A conmen from outside the United States, who says he is a professional living or traveling abroad.

Beware if they ask you to wire them money so they can make money for you or to pay their travel expenses so they can be with you.

There are even conmen who pretend they know someone you know on social media saying they had made a lot of money for that person.

The friends have unfriended me and my brother disowned me.

My best friend in the whole world told me she didn’t want to be friends anymore.

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