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The shows advance an idealized vision of raising children, where kids keep few secrets.When sex is involved, this order of things brings successes and failures, both dramatic and psychological.Andy's decision to cut Ephram out of this problem, and viewers' knowledge that someday the truth will be known now looms over every interaction between the father and son—including the fraught moment during last night's episode when Ephram tells Andy that he means to spend the night with Amy.As Ephram leaves the house, Andy feebly implores Ephram to "be safe." When he repeats himself, Ephram is simply annoyed, but the audience knows the real reason behind his fearfulness.On , when middle-aged mom Kirsten spoke with regret about a long-ago abortion, thus changing a pregnant high-schooler's mind, the effect was utterly creepy.Both of these shows place adults on the morally correct side of the equation.The show, which has consistently represented its young characters as sane, autonomous people who are often better-equipped to make important decisions than the adults around them, views Ephram and Amy's decision to enter into a sexual relationship as loving and rational.

In the past year alone, teenage characters have lost their virginity on The conventions of the Very Special Virginity episode are by now well-established: Articulate kids fret about the decision, and parents usually learn of it in some way, giving them the access they need to become the moral arbiter of the situation.

The parents, meanwhile, are at loose ends back home.

Ephram's dad frets to a female friend, weirdly wondering aloud whether his son is having sex; Amy's mother talks her priggish husband out of his threat to search local motels for the young couple in order to remind Amy of "the promises she made at Sunday school." has dealt with teenage sex.

Last night, in the parlance of teens everywhere, they did it.

writers created a pregnancy scare in the next episode, which caused Brenda to realize she wasn't ready for a sexual relationship.

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