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It took us a while to put a name on this mysterious “activator,” but it’s finally been identified as Vitamin K2, a fat-soluble vitamin that does a whole lot more than just make your pearly whites pearlier.Vitamin K2 is important for bone health, heart health, and fetal development – and it’s all but vanished from the modern diet.Sail up a thrilling route over 140 feet in the air and feel the whip of the wind as you rappel back to bouldering range.

Anything dark green and leafy is a good bet for Vitamin K1.“Activator X,” as he called it, was the difference between the straight teeth and well-proportioned faces of people in traditional societies and the endless series of dental and bone problems he saw in his Western patients.He discovered it in the most treasured, sacred foods of these traditional cultures – foods like liver and roe, which people would go out of their way to get.And that makes it excellent for heart health, even though it’s found in all those cholesterol-rich foods we’re warned against eating if we want to live past 45.Ironically enough, in the quest to avoid cholesterol (which isn’t even dangerous!

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