Dating twentieth century

There was an emotional crisis, as well, especially as men had been traditionally defined by workingespecially since the industrial revolutionbut couldnt find work.

At this point, after women voted in their first federal election in 1922, many women believed that they were the political equals of men, and the target of their activism shifts, and women begin to pursue more personal freedoms. They begin to drink publicly, which was also an illegal activity at the time, since it was during the Prohibition, when alcohol consumption was a crime.Women began smoking, and they worked toward attaining sexual freedom, as well, trying to combat the traditional double standard which saw men who had taken many lovers as healthy but women who had many as evil or flawed.Cosmetics and change in dress styles are marketed to women during this time period to represent that new freedom, and that freedom was ultimately represented by the flappers of the time.This era of good feeling ended somewhat abruptly in 1929, when the stock market crashed.almost over night, and very quickly, gender roles tightened up again.Many people blamed the crash on the loose morals of the previous decade, and the employment crisis--too many laborers, too few jobsseemed to dictate a return to the natural roles.

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