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At the southwest corner of the Township is Dunkin (formerly West Potton) and near the Border is Highwater (formerly Mansonville Station).The landscape is a hilly extension of the Appalachian mountains with a hardwood forest cover.The thirteen American colonies became independant, but the Loyalists who had remained faithful to the British Crown found themselves pursued and persecuted by the Patriots. Thousands settled in Nova Scotia and in Ontario whereas about 2,000 came to Quebec, mainly in the Sorel and Gaspé areas.

There was a very active agricultural life in Potton, mostly with dairy production, which is much less active today. The limits were the Chaudière River to the east and the Richelieu River’s French seigneuries to the west.

Lake Memphremagog is one of the dominant natural features of the landscape and had a determining role in the history of Potton.

In the interior there are two small lakes, Sugar Loaf Pond and Fullerton Pond.

The reading, research of names and places and events, both joy fid and occasionally tragic, has given me a much deeper appreciation of Potton.

There is still much to explore and to discover about our past and, in a work of this nature, may I ask the reader to overlook any inaccuracies or omissions.

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