Dating relationship cycle

How many times have we been attracted to the boy or girl we're teeming with desire to “fix”? The real question is: Do we really want to fix these people?

Life presents us with a damaged, broken person battling the curse of addiction -- and rather than choosing to run away from what we know will be a toxic, unbalanced relationship, we swoop in and try to rescue him or her. Or are we simply attempting catharsis by reenacting traumas from the past and trying to "fix" the broken parts of our adult relationships?

Her entire childhood is a chaotic and disjointed mess.

Her youth neglected to attain a morsel of consistency, and she never knew what lay ahead of her when the school bell rang, and it was time to take the dreaded yellow school bus home.

Bad boys wreak havoc on our lives, our bodies and our brains.Knowing the ugly, twisted truth of addiction, she shied away from every mind-altering substance that entered her orbit.She worked harder than anyone at school, securing the straightest of As and landed herself a scholarship to a prestigious Ivy League institution.So as long as she is searching for love in the one who is loveless, she will forever feel like the hyper-ignored, invisible girl.So why oh why do we girls chase after the things that only trigger the demons from our past?

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