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: Cryptography is a quantitative and analytic subject, one in which theorems make quantitative assertions about the worth of our artifacts, but where, nevertheless, these claims are routinely misunderstood or ascribed meaning other than that which is formally claimed. Thus understanding the real-world interpretation of highly technical, analytic claims—particularly the meaning of provable-security assertions—is a key aspect of this course. Issues of public policy are relevant to many of the topics discussed in this class (eg, the role of intellectual property in and surrounding cryptography), and discussion of these issues is integrated with more purely technical material.

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Which brings me to the meat of my concerns with CSRankings. It allows you to look at dozens of institutions, broken down by CS subfield.

ECS 127 provides a much broader and deeper description of contemporary cryptography.

In cryptography, the dining cryptographers problem studies how to perform a secure multi-party computation of the boolean-OR function.

If you wrote a paper that appear in a top conference, you get zero points.

Your institution gets the sum-total of all the points its researchers receive.

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