Dating game questions and answers for couple real radio xs dating

To make it easier, you may want to print out some of the questions on this list that you want to use. How old was your wife when she received her first marriage proposal? When was the last time that you bought flowers for your wife? What was the name of the elementary school that your wife went to? Call a few couples to stop by your house, set out the chips and snacks and get ready to play. While most people will never get to play the Newlywed Game on television, that does not mean that you cannot have the same fun from the comfort of your home. What clothing item would you like to remove from your wife’s closet? Where is the oddest place that you shared a kiss with your wife? Where is your wife’s favorite place to go on vacation at? What photo of you is the funniest, according to your wife? When it comes to your romance, what do you think your wife likes the most, according to her: being completely in control, being completely out of control or being completely controlled by you?Seventy-five of these questions are targeted for the wife, while another 75 are for the husband. 75 Best Newlywed Game Questions to Ask Your Wife The first list of the best newlywed game questions is for your wife. What does your husband prefer the most: wine, music or women? Which comic book character is your husband’s favorite: Batman, Superman or Charlie Brown? What is your husband’s favorite comfort food to eat? Which piece of clothing does your husband wear all the time that you cannot stand at all? What size of hat would you buy your husband for a gift? What type of car would your husband buy if he could afford any car in the world? Out of all of the gifts that you were given at your wedding, which one did your husband hate the most? If your husband was given a day off to spend however he liked and you were busy, what would he do? If you had to choose, would you say that your husband is more, less or just as romantic as he was in the first month after you were married to each other? Who takes the longest to get ready in the morning at your house? When your husband was a child, what did he want to become when he grew up? What was the name and type of pet that your husband had as a child? Which type of food is your husbands favorite to snack on late at night? What was the last secret that you told to your husband? How many children would your husband like to have if he had the money and you were willing? If your husband could switch jobs with any one of his friends, which friend’s job would he choose to have? If he was allowed to choose on his own, what would your husband name your son? What is your husband’s favorite thing to do when he has a lot of free time? If we were to open your husband’s wallet, would there be a picture of you in there? If your husband could eat any famous person who has ever lived, who would he choose to meet? Many of these questions could be used by either spouse though, so you can always blend the lists together if you need to. If you are playing with multiple couples, you can ask all of the wives this question at once—just make sure that the guys have recorded their answers before the wives get a chance to answer.1. Who was the first person that broached the topic of marriage in your relationship? What color outfit was your wife wearing on your first date? What does your wife say was the best vacation that you ever took together? What was the first most important thing that your wife shared with you about herself? What would your wife say was the last thing that you both laughed at?

Since this is a very famous game show, you perhaps already know how it's played. Now, the rules of this game will remain the same regardless of it being Christian or not.

You only score points if you are able to answer the question about your spouse and your spouse later confirms that the answer is true. Which one of your husband’s habits annoys you the most? If your husband had to choose, which movie star would he say that he is the most like: Jack Nicholson, Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise? What type of car was the first one that your husband ever owned? Who does your husband think is the most intelligent person that he knows? What is the weirdest or oddest gift that your husband has ever given you? If your husband could take a slow cruise to China, but could only bring (not you), who would he choose to take along with him? What is the one thing your husband would say that he likes the least about being married? If your husband had to be alone at home one night, what would he make to eat for dinner?

Since this is not an actual game show, most couples use pieces of paper so that they can write their answer down.

If your husband came home from work to eat lunch, what would he want to eat? What would be the first thing that you would do if your husband was away for a business trip? If you were cleaning your home right now, which room would your husband think that you would start with? When did your husband first realize that he was in love with you? What is your husband’s favorite thing to eat for desert? Do you have any secrets that you have never shared with your husband? What was the last television show or movie that you watched with your wife?

Where did you and your wife have your first kiss together? How does your wife think you are when you wake up in the morning: grumpy, happy or aggressive? What is the strangest piece of clothing that your wife owns? What was the silliest or goofiest thing your wife has ever done? If you had to buy your wife a wig, what color would it be?

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