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This category is reserved for general directory sites that offer some sort of "no cost" registration and placement and provide a dofollow link.

These sites accept general submissions from English language sites.

Use your judgment as in many situations PR is not everything.

Often, people pick up dropped domains and slap a directory on it.

We also point out the sites that do not put any effort in building original categories.

Feb 1, 16 - Their list of "Latest Links" is exactly the same as their "Latest Featured Links" which would suggest that they are only adding paid featured listings.For those with confidence in their brands, let’s talk about some real possibilities for building quality links to your site.Since your website (and website pages) will benefit most from one way links coming from trusted websites (in Google’s eyes), then you must think creatively on how you can obtain these.This is because Google views the one-way links as much more credible than reciprocal links, and considers links from trusted sites much more credible than links from lesser sites. But, you can achieve a link (or multiple links) from the most authoritative websites in your industry.These types of sites have the highest Page Rank, so a one-way, “dofollow” link from them would be the most powerful link you could get. Topically-relevant links has become an increasingly stronger signal of quality to Google, and it topical relevance should be at the core of your link building strategies. Revisit your brand strategy if you’re unsure of whether your industry’s top websites would consider linking to you, or having any sort of relationship to begin with.

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