Daisy hoya dating dave navarro

“They criticized me and said horrible things.” Indeed, De La Hoya has spent more time defending herself in the past year than her uncle, Oscar De La Hoya, has during his entire boxing career. “I’m a strong person.” She may be strong — she has been fending for herself since the age of 15 — but there is a fragility about De La Hoya that, along with a hot, if slightly, um, enhanced body, is likely to blame for the public’s fascination with her.

But, unlike many of her reality peers, Daisy’s histrionics were not manufactured.

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De La Hoya’s association with the band earned her an endorsement deal with Daisy Rock Girl Guitars.

Immersed in punk rock culture from a young age, music is De La Hoya’s first love, and she looks to female artists such as Joan Jett, Lita Ford and Madonna for inspiration.

“They’re feminine and beautiful and strong, and I guess that’s sort of what I want to portray,” she says.

Though she is no longer performing with the band, she is in the process of establishing herself as a solo artist.

De La Hoya took the stage for the first time last week in Los Angeles, her birthplace and current city of residence.

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