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ASVABs erroneously given to applicants based on wrong information result in an invalidated test score.Consequently, a waiver request to the retest policy for an immediate retest will not be approved.

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Test scores remain valid beyond the 2-year period for members currently contracted into the ARNG and waiting shipment to IADT.i.

However, if the recruiter has accurately reported the official information on the USMEPCOM authorized document and USMEPCOM is in error, requests for an immediate retest will be considered.

Requests will be submitted through CNBC to DCS, G-1 (DAPE-MPA). The ASVAB production tests are given at either MEPS or their affiliated military entrance test (MET) sites.

(a) Inform identified applicants that they will be taking an English Comprehension Language Test (ECLT) at MEPS.(b) Advise all identified applicants that those who score 74 or below on the ECLT will be required to take English language training prior to IET. Administration of mental and medical examinations.c. The DARNG will- (1) Determine final acceptability of applicants for enlistment.(2) Process applicants to the extent possible; this processing will determine their tentative acceptance at the recruiting station before sending them to the MEPS.(3) Fund applicant transportation, meals, and lodging in conjunction with moving to and processing at the MEPS.(4) Coordinate meal and lodging arrangements with the MEPS.(5) Through the ARNG guidance counselor located at the MEPS, administratively process all PS applicants for enlistment in the ARNG before administering the oath of enlistment.(6) Process PS applicants when they are not qualified by grade or MOS for enlistment into a specific unit vacancy, if approved by the Selected Reserve unit commander. PS currently holding clearance will have their clearance verified by the State Security Office (SSO), MEPS Security Assistant (SA), or ASO through JPAS that a valid NACLC exists. MEPS will not test an applicant who appears to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.b.

(6) Use the Army Recruiting Information Support System segment applicable to the Army pay and entitlements to inform applicants of the requirement to establish and maintain a financial account.(7) Capture all tested or self professed foreign language ability on the DD Form 1966. Persons who prepare, control, and transmit applicant enlistment records and forms will- (1) Complete and assemble all required forms.(2) Compare similar entries and verify discrepancies with the applicant.(3) Establish that entries on forms are correct before signatures are obtained. Processing elements Processing generally consists of-a. The recruiting activity may obtain telephone approval before the enlistment is accomplished. Verification must be scanned into the ERM within 72 hours of accession. Under no circumstances will any person who is assigned or attached to the ARNG assist or become involved in any way with the testing process beyond that of applicant processing procedures required by the MEPS.

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