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You might hear Te quiero ("I love you", sorta although literally "I want you") sooner than you expect.However, Te quiero is rather less strong than Te amo (I love you) so don't fret too much.Their rivals taunt the Tico national soccer team, which does quite well, thank you (as those watching their impressive performance at the World Cup in Brazil already know) with chants of "Putos" (fags).Mmmm, sounds pretty good to me: a team of athletic gay boys on a field wearing skimpy shorts. He quickly demonstrated by shooting his leche (cum). They go with a more direct translation from the English: me estoy viniendo.Not generally quite as beefy as Cubans or Brazilians (since there's little African blood as well) but damn hot.And, while the country is generally socially conservative as is most of Latin America it is more open to gay and lesbian travelers than almost anywhere else in Latin America and has a reputation for this, even outside the gay community.

First thing: Ticos (that's how Costa Ricans refer to themselves, a helluva lot easier than saying Costariccenses) are damn guapo (cute).

I found Grindr,, and A4A to be pretty active.

I met a lot of great boys online, some that I hooked up with, others just chatted.

Check your attitude about the developing world on the plane on the way here.

Yes, if you're pushing 50 with a belly the size of Lake Erie and a cute Tico boy wants to suck your pinga then maybe he's in it for something else.

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