Christian man dating a jewish woman

As an Orthodox Jew living in Jerusalem, it constantly strikes me that Judaism’s teachings are not just for Jews - at least they shouldn’t be.Judaism is wisdom for living; anyone struggling to figure out life can benefit from it.But there are two ways in which you can still strongly benefit from the Jewish idea of "cherishing touch".First, the most powerful expression of touch is obviously sex. But Hebrew school taught me nothing about what really matters in life - boys.As a child, I was taught that I would marry a Jew, as well.You'll forget chicken soup after dating me, it's all about the matzo ball soup.

He'll probably ask you to play chess, go golf, or watch 60 Minutes...don't worry nothing physically strenuous, but he could mentally f*** you up.But I was intrigued enough to want to look into it.Because I didn’t then believe in God, I didn’t ask myself, “What does God want from me?I know some of the food we like to eat is a little strange, but don't knock it til you try it.That "orange stuff" on bagels is actually salmon and it's delicious.

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