C problems and solutions validating

They might talk specific products/companies or might reference a company process, someone they outsource the problem to, etc. They might use a product or they might hack together a bunch of tools or processes to solve the problem.It’s really important to drill in here on the call. Generally speaking, you want to solve a problem where there are already other companies trying to solve that problem too.This is probably the hardest lesson to learn and the one most startup founders ignore — “But my product is so great, once they use it they’ll sign up for SURE!!! So how do you validate that your problem is actually a tier 1 problem?First you need to know who might typically buy your product.Validating the demand for your product is more important than ANYTHING.

Is it a manual process they employ 2 people full time to take care of? Which means someone has a budget allocated for products like theirs (and yours).

Then just connect with all of the prospects you find with a message like this:(I realize I’ve dramatically simplified this step — but you’re an entrepreneur, so be creative and put in some hustle.

If you don’t like talking to people on the phone then maybe this startup thing isn’t for you…)Step 3— Properly determine existing solutions One thing you’ll have after your 20 calls is an idea of how they currently solve the problem.

Most times that means you’ve got no market or your problem is too specific to too few people.

Specificity is good, but you need to counter-balance that with a large enough market.

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