By church law updating

The church's law must always be perfected to better serve the church's mission and the daily lives of the faithful, which, he said, was the point of his amendments to canon law streamlining the church's process for determining the nullity of a marriage.

Law enforcement sources confirm to TMZ there are multiple deaths.

Well intentioned friends occasionally say something like: “I’m glad you’re a lawyer for churches, but it’s too bad churches need lawyers.” I get it.

Many churches only engage lawyers in a crisis, so lawyers (and their fees) are associated with bad news. They can proactively help churches avoid legal issues.

Police on the scene reportedly said the gunman had deceased, and there was no longer an active threat.

VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- The Catholic Church's Code of Canon Law is an instrument that must serve the church's pastoral mission of bringing God's mercy to all and leading them to salvation, Pope Francis said.

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