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It costs 2.5 credits for each viewed video in addition to the normal Live Chat fee (video will remain free to view for 3 days).

You can only receive videos after a chat has been established by text.

Before using the service, please also make sure your computer microphone is working properly.

Photo is a function which allows members to send and receive high resolution photos instantly while chatting.

Sometimes the limited number of photos shown on the member’s profile is not enough.

With Photo, members can ask the members for more exclusive photos.

Stickers are different sets of cute emoticons on Live Chat.

They can express your instant feelings and affections without typing.

Sending one Voice Message costs 0.3 extra credits during a Live Chat session and each message can be up to 30 seconds long.

Please note that Animated Emoticons cannot be sent as invitation messages.

You may also send Animated Emoticons after text message chats have been established.

Live Chat is an instant messaging service where you can communicate directly with others, using text, emoticons and voice messages, etc.

Check which members are online and simply start chatting. Click here to learn more about how this service works.

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