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The couple first announced their engagement back in December.

It has been last year since the boyfriend of the Kapamilya actress Anne Curtis, Erwan Heusaff, has become her fiance.It’s safe to admit that it suffered because it wasn’t canned, pero naitawid naman namin. He may not have worked out for me as a boyfriend, but he’s amazing as a friend. He complained that I spent more time with my ex than him. Also, he’s half-French, and very liberated in that sense. Time’s smartest celeb Leonardo Di Caprio often tweets about environmental conservation. I think they based the result on several things, like the way you tweet or spell.Did you have to adjust to working with your ex-boyfriend? What was your reaction to making Time magazine’s list of “50 smartest” celebrities? All my (6.8 million) followers know that my Twitter account is a bunch of everything.In a video message for his fiancee's birthday aired on "It's Showtime," Heussaff, a popular food blogger, said he is looking forward to cooking Curtis her breakfast for the rest of his life. I don't really need to explain it here because you know how much I love you and how you mean everything to me. She performed a song and dance production number, and received moving messages — Heussaff's included — from her family and friends.And even as hectic as things get, I would love to cook breakfast for the rest of my life . "I know how awkward you are on TV so thank you so much for giving that video for me," Curtis told Heussaff.

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