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Half English and half Hungarian, he’d lived in America for a long time but he now had houses in Virginia, the U. He said, ‘"There’s an oil contract in Malaysia that my company bid for – a .2 million dollar contract.I need to go to a conference in the US run by a large energy company."Alison admits: 'A tiny part of me nagged that it wasn’t genuine.(March 17, 2015) – Academy and Grammy award nominated songstress, Allison Moorer, releases her highly anticipated album, Down To Believing today.Produced by friend and producer, Kenny Greenburg, Allison Moorer’s Down To Believing was born in a place of real pain and heartache and captures a powerful story of raw honesty and acceptance, making it some of the bravest and most confessional work of any songwriter on her road to healing.Betts [Rolling Stone] “Moorer, a superb singer, has too much edge, drive and energy to wallow and her lyrics pare the throbbing pain down to a minimal plainless: I lost my crystal ball/ Found Me a Wrecking ball.” – [People Magazine] [Allison Moorer] “continues to keep it honest, as she deals with a great deal of change and upheaval in her personal life.” – Colin Stutz [Billboard] “It’s a brave album, at times raw with anger.” – Neil Spencer [The Guardian] “Out of the pain and anger, Moorer has fashioned the finest album of her career.” – Nigel Williamson [Uncut Magazine] “This break-up record, recorded after her seven-year marriage to Steve Earle fell apart, is full of raw emotion.There is a neat cover of Creedence’s Have You Ever Seen the Rain but the best songs are her own heartfelt and brooding country ones.” – Martin Chilton [The Telegraph] “She is a Southern girl with a big heart and an honest streak running throughout her soul. If she loves you, she will tell you that too.” – Troy Michael [Innocent Words] “There’s no doubt that Allison Moorer poured her heart into this album.Rolling Stone will stream the video exclusively on all platforms following the release of her eighth studio album, Down To Believing, which was also streamed by Rolling Stone earlier last month.

In a recent interview with Country Weekly, Moorer explains the heart behind her album, Down To Believing.

I still feel incredibly foolish for believing all those lies.

The best relationships between singers are symbiotic yet mystical.

It doesn’t matter anyway — they are of equal importance when two voices nestle seamlessly into a melody, almost imperceptibly gliding across each other when it’s time to switch. Sisters Shelby Lynne and Allison Moorer, now with twenty-four albums and Grammy, Oscar, and many other kinds of awards and nominations between them, share that kind of transcendent musical bond.

It’s as deep, haunting, knowing, and beautiful as the Alabama woods they once called home.

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