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But for her and fellow freshmen at Cristo Rey Columbus High School, she doesn't need to be.

New students there are learning that keeping up with the grown-ups, especially in a professional setting, is a skill to be honed.

At Franklin, you'll learn to apply critical-thinking, decision-making, and problem-solving skills with an emphasis on current trends in the marketplace. Plus, our strong, mutually beneficial business and community relationships help us design coursework that blends theory with real-world practice, which you can apply immediately on the job today - while also preparing you to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

We Have a Rich History Franklin was established in 1902, and while our roots are in Columbus, our impact reaches far and wide with more than 20 Midwest locations and more than a dozen international partner institutions.

Repeat chorus According to William Studwell in The Christmas Carol Reader, "Up on the House Top" was the second-oldest secular Christmas song, outdone only by "Jingle Bells", which was written in 1857.The special is the story of Curtis Calhoun, a miserable man who wishes that there were no Santa Claus.But then on Christmas Eve, someone is on top of the Calhouns' roof, and Curtis doesn't know whether he is Saint Nick or a cat burglar.We Provide Financial Aid A variety of financial assistance options are available to Franklin students, including grants, loans, scholarships, and our deferred tuition payment option.We are Student-Centered Our average class size is 15 students, demonstrating Franklin's commitment to provide a more personal learning environment.

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