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) She just play her part when it's time to smuggle (ayy, you ready?

) I pull up, pick up that bag, and burn rubber (skrrt) I got a sweet tooth but I stay away from suckers (for real though) Nobu in Malibu was my last supper (we eatin' good) I fucked her in rush hour traffic, Chris Tucker (haha, yeah) Everybody screamin' gang gang gang (gang) Them folks come and get you, you gon' tell on the whole gang (gang) She said can she fuck me with my diamond chains?

The King of Memphis returns viciously on his second studio album.

Addressing the February 25th incident in which over 100 rounds were fired at his bulletproof vehicle however, this hasn’t stopped the King in the slightest as he still is rapping about his everyday lifestyle in a way only he can deliver.

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IF you are too […] Colleen Hamilton-Lecky ’18 For centuries, art has been used as a tool for resistance.

(It's Dolph) Came out with six bitches (wet) My uncle said that's pimpin' My diamonds always hittin' (uh) You lookin' for your bitch, she with me nigga, she ain't missin' (nah) I told you fuck nigga stay out my way, but you didn't listen (stupid ass niggas, yeah) Big rocks, in my watch (hey, hey, in my watch) And we put extensions in all of the Glocks (haha) [Chorus] A hundred shots, a hundred shots How the fuck you miss a whole hundred shots?

Yeah, it's Dolph How the fuck you miss a whole hundred shots?

This usually indicates either very high quality assets, or plenty of video files.

Could be both, though Forza is not known for its pre-rendered cut-scenes.

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